Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program

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* Learn from Mentors.
* Pitch to Investors.
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Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program is a 101 days mentorship driven entrepreneurship cohort accelerator program for startups. We select startup teams (or individuals) and help them navigate the crucial first stage. Startup founders working in Technology space building Enterprise Software, Mobile Applications, Software as Services, Web Applications, etc., Non-technology areas such as Education, Environment, Media, Finance, Healthcare, etc., and Social Enterprises working for-profit or non-profit are eligible to apply. We look for teams from all sorts of background. Selected startup teams will have to move to Hyderabad, India for the program. Read more : Our Process

Startup 101 Program Features

* Startup 101 accelerator program offers an individualized needs assessment of a startup followed by a customized program for 101 days.

* Every startup is supported with mentors who are experts in their area of specialization and often entrepreneurs themselves.

* Startups receive legal and financial advice, expertise in customer discovery, product development.

* Every startup is provided know how in data based analysis and process development, organization development to help them grow quickly after investment

* Networking and office space along with many other perks are additional features of Startup 101 program

* All startups would have built a very robust business portfolio by the end of the 101 days program along with training in communication skills and pitching their product

Mentors & Advisors

* We have a network of mentors and advisors both in India and US, that have built successful startups and have strong domain expertise to help our startups become successful.


* We share updates of our portfolio companies with our network of investors to connect founders to form early relationships.


* All Startups that are accepted to Startup 101 Accelerator program, get access to a Gold Card on to help them build their company.

Not ready for the program yet ? We accept applications on a rolling basis. Let’s discuss Your Startup Idea and get you ready for the next cohort.



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