Catalyzer event for JHU students

“Catalyzer is an inspiring set-up for young entrepreneurs as they develop their ideas and navigate through the process of commercialization. There, we learned about the cultural nuances in India, which is generally a low-risk and person-oriented environment. It is very important to establish trust and maintain both professional and personal relationships in order for the business to be successful.” – Inventors team from John Hopkins University School of Medicine with Catalyzer mentors.

Catalyzer™ Startup 15 – Activating Ideas!

Catalyzer™ Startup 15 is a 15 days Business Portfolio Kickstart Program at Catalyzer campus in Hyderabad focused on building a business plan and go to market strategy using components of Lean startup, pitching the idea and In-depth understanding of entrepreneurship.

Startup 15 focuses on

Self Awareness
Team activity
Leadership Development
Systems Theory and Entrepreneurship
Business plan
Lean startup
Use of Technology
Business portfolio showcase

Catalyzer™ Startup 7 – Kick Start Ideas !

Catalyzer™ Startup 7 

Startup 7 is a Business Plan Mash startup program open to college students and working professionals at our campus in Hyderabad, India. The 7 days event is focused on Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Plan. This event is also offered at college campuses upon request from institutions or student clubs.

Startup 7 focuses on

Day 1 : Entry
Understanding of Entrepreneurship
Customer Identification

Day 2 : Prep
Contextualize Lean Startup
Customer Survey & Overview of Data Analysis

Day 3 : Sell
Selling the Product

Day 4 : Assessment
Identify Strength & Weakness
Self Assessment
Areas of Improvement

Day 5 : Biz Plan
Draft Business Plan

Day 6: Review
Back to Field Work
Peer review

Day 7 : Pitch
Process Portfolio & Mock Pitch


Catalyzer™ Startup 3 – Ideation Workshop!

Catalyzer™ Startup 3

Startup 3 is a 3 days Outreach workshop focused on introducing entrepreneurship to prospective startups. Participants will engage in an experiential learning workshop with topics of interest in relation to systems theory, entrepreneurship and self directed learning.

Startup 3 focuses on

Day 1 : Entry
Understanding of Entrepreneurship
Customer Identification
Building Customer Survey

Day 2: Prep
Contextualize Lean Startup
Data Collection & Analysis
Developing Go-To-Market Strategy

Day 3: Sell
Sell the Product
Customer Feedback & Brainstorming

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