Simran - Mentor

Simran Gambhir (Sydney)

Director, Singa Entertainment, Broken Arms Games; Program Manager, ANZ Innovyz START. Former CTO, News Interactive and FlyBuys

Simran has been in the mobile, web and computing security industry since the early 90′s.

He built a good understanding of the fundamentals are a result of keen interest in those areas, and remain a very hands on technical person (particularly in the open source space).

Simran has a positive disposition to most ideas by default, and in any startup (having done quite a few himself), knows that the most critical aspect of success is maintaining a resilient, positive attitude. He firmly believes that – “you don’t have to be first, but you do have to be innovative and your execution immaculate…”

Technology and Innovation run through Simran’s veins, and combined with strong hands-on technical knowledge and understanding of the business landscape, he is helping businesses, large and small adapt and create for the world of tomorrow.

His full profile can be seen at: