Founder, Catalyzer

Sunil Mayreddy
Catalyzer Startup Accelerator

Sunil Mayreddy is an entrepreneur, educator and a mentor for startups focused on exploring entrepreneurship as a process rather than only an end goal. Sunil has been engaged with entrepreneurship for the last 20 years with expertise in wireless and mobile, data compression, renewable energy, mineral processing etc. Sunil had been mentoring and advising startups and nonprofits in the US and India for a long time before he envisioned Catalyzer Startup Accelerator in Hyderabad. Sunil Mayreddy is also actively engaged with non-profit work in education and has been providing support to projects in Science and Mathematics education.

Sunil is a Self-taught entrepreneur with experience in building startups in Wireless & Mobile space, Data Compression, Renewable Energy, Mineral Processing and Non-profits in Education and Environment. He’s been mentoring and advising non-profits and startups in India and US.

Sunil spent several years in teaching Yoga & Meditation .