Catalyzer Startup Accelerator Process

Catalyzer Startup Accelerator Process

What do we do?

Just like a Greenhouse is ideal for nurturing and protecting plants, Catalyzer Startup Accelerator and Commune is ideal for nurturing startup ideas. We provide a support system for startups, so innovative ideas can turn into reality. We work hand in hand with startup founders, mentors, industry experts, coaches and investors to make startups succeed.

How do we work?

We select startup teams & individuals with innovative ideas in technology and non technology areas such as education, healthcare, environment, design, hospitality etc., in a cohort for 101 days. We call it Startup 101 Accelerator Program. During this program, we provide office space, IT infrastructure and other resources required for your startup to get started. You and your co-team members will have to move to Hyderabad for the program. During the first few weeks, your team goes through a very intensive process of shaping and building your idea, supported by our mentors.

Who are the mentors and what do they do?

Mentors are successful entrepreneurs, academicians, industry influencers and investors. Mentors come from various walks of life with varied knowledge and skills in different aspects of business. They help you build your startup in a fail-proof manner. The advice and support your startup receives from mentors is worth way more than any investment. Using their experience, expertise and connections, they will help you overcome the challenges your startup encounters. This is an on-going process during the program. Read more about mentors….

Startup Commune Process

Catalyzer Startup Accelerator Process - We help ypu understand your Creativity

What do we get?

We become partners in your startup. We take a minority share in your company. More details will be provided in Startup 101 Accelerator application form.

What after the program?

Your startup will be introduced to individual and institutional investors (Angel’s/VC’s). Your startup will continue to be part of Catalyzer Startup Commune and you will receive support from our mentors and executives after the program. “Remember, we are share holders and we will do everything in our capacity to make your startup succeed”.

Who can apply and what is the application process?

Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can apply. Individuals or teams working on ideas in Technology, Non-Technology and Enterprises creating social capital (for profit and non-profit) are encouraged to apply. You can apply if you are still working on your idea; have working prototypes or running businesses.

We accept applications on a rolling basis for the Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program.

We also offer a 15 days Startup program called Startup 15. Some of the applicants may be advised to participate in this program to gain better understanding about their startup business idea.

Our Philosophy

Catalyzer Startup Commune Process - Systems Theory

Why did we design the program based on Systems Theory?

The interdependence in a commune ecosystem is central to the survival and growth of the system as a whole. Systems theory, born in the biological sciences is now widely applied in fields such as psychology, sociology, engineering, business, leadership and organization development etc.,

What is Catalyzer Startup Commune?

A commune is an intentional community of people coming together to share common interests, infrastructure, resources, and work. Participants in the commune contribute towards supporting each other in creating social and financial capital. In addition to the communal economy, non-hierarchical structures and interdependent ecological systems (Systems Theory) are important core principles of a commune.

“Sharing a tiny drop of financial and social capital with the commune creates more wealth and opportunities for all”.

Why do we accept Technology, Non-Technology and Social Enterprises in the same cohort?

At Catalyzer, systems theory is central to our philosophy of building and nurturing an entrepreneurship commune, sharing of infrastructure, resources and wealth generation. The entrepreneurship commune at Catalyzer will include profit oriented technology and non-technology startups along with profit and nonprofit social enterprises. The social enterprises create social capital that nurtures the profit oriented startups while a very tiny drop of the financial capital generated by the profit oriented startups supports the social enterprises.

At Catalyzer, we believe a start up is a process and not an entity. Systems theory helps the entrepreneurs build a robust interdependent process in the system of entrepreneurship!

It is impressive to see the interdependence and balance to coexist and provide support in natural systems.